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My Teaching Philosophy

My goal as an art teacher is to encourage and support each artist in their own direction. It is my belief that only the artist or artist to be can be the final judge of what goes into his or her art. Your art work is an expression of who you are as a unique being and how you feel about the image you're creating.

In my years of teaching, I have met many people whose early artistic attempts were misdirected or discouraged by the thoughtless corrections of others. It can be beneficial to listen to the opinions of others but please remember- if an opinion feels right try it - if not forget it. There is no absolutely right or wrong way to do art. You need to be allowed to make your own" mistakes" and grow with them- not be corrected into someone else's version of what "true" art is.

Most importantly, I guide my students to work from subject matter they care deeply about and encourage them to enjoy the process of creating.

Julia Cameron has written many great books for artists and I highly recommend reading them.

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